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Experienced people

[Lessons that you can freely choose according to your ability]

We will talk first and decide on a class that suits your ability together.

Sevillanas can dance, so we would like to ask you if you want to work on a step-up class, or if you have experience in flamenco but want to start over from the beginning.

The lessons are easy to transfer and are popular as "like a ticket system".

Please feel free to contact us as you are free to visit any class.


What you need during the lesson


You can sweat, such as leotards or T-shirts, and anything that is easy to move around.

Don't forget to change your clothes and towels as you sweat.

Flamenco falda (skirts) are preferred, but at first you can wear trousers with easy-to-see legs.


Flamenco shoes are ideal, but you can start with your own low-heeled pumps. There are hands-on shoes in the studio, so we will lend you one at first.

Dedicated castanets

Dedicated castanets

* Castanets are used in intermediate class and above.

Lesson content for experienced people

In the beginner's class, you will learn songs that are stepped up from the beginning.

From the intermediate class, you will master the choreography of the content that you can dance solo.

The content of the exercise is mano (hand), brasso (arm), and supporterd enhancement according to each level.

Enjoy the special time of dancing flamenco.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email or phone.

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