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Features of Studio Dansa Flamenca that everyone can enjoy

​ Studio Dansa Flamenca is a "performance dance studio for middle-aged and beginners".

With a lesson that smiles when middle-aged and senior generations enjoyed it

We are always thinking that our members can enjoy the performance.


"Fun" is the best for flamenco.

By having fun and dancing, I want to continue for a long time and improve.

People in their 30s and 60s (mostly in their 40s and 50s) attend this classroom.

Many people have been attending for more than 10 years before the studio was established, and we are proud of the continuation rate.

There are various reasons such as "I'm looking forward to meeting my teachers and friends," "Aging prevention," and "I want to stand on stage."


​ Gifu Studio is near Kin Park on the south side of Kin Shrine. Please come visit us for an experience or a tour.

​ We also offer remote lessons based on the new Korona-ka.

​ [Dance Quotations: Dance when you're about to lose your life. Shona H. Laker]

☆ You will be able to dance flamenco and make more friends ♪
[Suitable for you like this ♪]
-You who want to dance something.
-You have longed for flamenco dance for a long time.
-You who want to move your body.
-You feel that exercising in the gym is dull.
-You feel that you are not passionate about your life

[Nice news]

[New menu information] ​

☆ All OK ♡ Loose flamenco dance ☆Check‼

​ [I want to dance + health purpose] Recommended for you who really want to learn flamenco dance loosely.

​ The content is a 30-minute personal lesson ♪

☆ Selfish personal lesson ☆

Flamenco dance alone is not enough! Recommended for you who want to learn various things ♪

Sample A [Flamenco dance + cajon + singing (song)]

Sample B [Flamenco dance + Cajon + Flamenco guitar]

Sample C [Flamenco dance + yoga + Spanish]

Sample D [Flamenco Dance + Salsa Dance + Spanish]

* Please contact us for details.

[This is the person who presides over the classroom and the instructor]

Dansa Flamenca Instructor is such a person → Check‼

[Start YOUTUBE video upload service]

Only for those who wish ☆ You can upload the video you dance in the class lesson to the studio site.

​ You can check your own operation and it will be a chance to improve ♪

[Start parking lot service]

We will start a 60-minute parking ticket service for lesson students and trial lesson students.

The target parking lot is "Times Kaburagi Park" * Target: Only members who join after 2021 and use the new fee system.

[Isn't it profitable to take the 4th course for free after taking the 3rd course? ]

The tuition fees for introductory and general classes have been reduced.

Check the lesson fee page

[Response to the new coronavirus]

・ Approved by Gifu City as a business establishment taking measures to prevent the new coronavirus.

・ As a measure against infectious diseases, we take measures such as installing alcohol, encouraging hand washing, ventilation, and masks.

・ Online guitar, dance and singing lessons are also available.

[Studio Photo Studio & Video]

Studio photo studio page

☆ Recommended for those who want to check the lesson content in advance and learn the tips of flamenco [ [Flamenco video] .

[Check the bean knowledge of flamen]

Flamenco trivia page

[Remote lesson]

You can experience and observe classes, including taking flamenco dance remotely.

If you wish, please apply in advance.


[Studio Rental]

2,500 yen per frame (Monday-Saturday)

Studio rental details

​ [There is also a flamenco singing and guitar class]

What you can do here
☆ You will be able to dance flamenco and make more friends ♪
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