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Lesson fee

[I want to convey the flamenco lights in Gifu City]

"Isn't it impossible to have a flamenco studio in Gifu City?" Still, I created this studio for my companions who love and enjoy this fascinating musical performing arts. We ask you to pay the tuition fee to maintain and operate a studio that spreads flamenco art in Gifu City.

[Isn't it profitable to take 4 lessons even though it's 3 lessons? ]

If you choose the 3 times a month course, we have started a new service that you can take the 4th week review lesson for free ♪

[Easy to transfer, convenient and safe]

There are multiple classes on different days and times, so you can transfer lessons at your convenience.

​ From the beginner's class, the accompaniment of guitar and singing (song) is included.


The studio does not sell shoes, castanets or other items. Introducing specialty stores or mail-order sites in Nagoya city.

Voice of members
​ ☆ The posture has improved and the waist has been reduced in size.

[Group lesson fee]

[Adult Introductory Sevillanas & Tango Course Monthly Ticket]

◇ 3 times a month course: 11,200 yen
◇ Twice a month course: 8,700 yen
One free lesson is included every month ♪
​ If you are in the 3 times a month course, you can take the 4th week review lesson for free.
* Transfers are OK on other days.
* Please transfer to another day of the week if there are only 3 weeks because it is a holiday.

[Lesson content]
This is a course to learn the basic flamenco song tango (tango peculiar to flamenco, which is different from Argentine tango) and sevillanas dancing at the spring festival.
・ 1 lesson 70 minutes
・ Strengthen the waist, adductor muscles, core muscles, and back muscles to tighten the waist.
・ Basic step: Effective for calf tightening and osteoporosis
・ Arms and wrists ・ Hand exercises: Small face effect and back muscle stretching effect
・ In addition to the normal style, you can enjoy variations of sevillanas using castanets and folding fans.
・ One point with Spanish
​ ☆ After clearing the introductory class, the next is the beginner's course!


[All OK ♡ Loose flamenco dance]

It is a flamenco dance that starts loosely with personal lessons.
I'm not confident in my physical strength, I'm really worried about my age, I want to start without being seen by people,
A loose flamenco dance recommended for you who want to learn without worrying about the surroundings.

Twice a month course: 10,500 yen ◇ Three times a month course: 13,800 yen

[Lesson content]
・ One personal lesson is 30 minutes.
・ Basic exercises that you don't have to remember: Exercises that have a beautiful posture such as core muscles, adductor muscles, and hips, as well as body and waist tightening effects.
・ Practice the flamenco swing that you can dance even if you forget it.

[Corresponding day]
・ Wednesday 9:00 to 11:00
・ Saturday 12: 00-14: 00
・ Tuesday 19: 00-20: 00
​ ・ Please feel free to contact us if you would like other dates and times.


[Adult Dance Company Class Monthly Ticket ]

◇ 4 times a month course: 14,300 yen
◇ 8 times a month course: 28,000 yen
◇ 3 times a month course: 13,300 yen
◇ Twice a month course: 12,200 yen
[Lesson content]
・ 1 lesson 80 minutes
・ Following the beginner's class, sevillanas and bulerías will dance to warm up.
・ I have been building a body that can be danced through introductory and beginner levels, but in this class I will improve my physical function even more effectively.
・ Variation of flamenco tap ・ Exercise
・ One-legged rotation (Buerta) exercise
・ Castanets exercise
・ Practice choreography with a high degree of composition.
* This lesson has the highest calorie consumption in terms of time and content.
☆ Those who have experience in flamenco can take this course.

[Personal lesson fee]

<Individual lesson course>
・ 60 minutes 3 times a month course 21,450 yen
・ 60 minutes 4 times a month course 25,200 yen
◇ Recommended for those who prefer individual lessons rather than class lessons.

* Cancellation policy: Individual lessons can be booked at the desired date and time. However, if you cancel the day before, you will be charged half price, and if you cancel on the day, you will be charged the full price.

[Kids flamenco monthly fee]
◇ Target: Kindergarten middle to sixth grade
* 5th grade and above can take introductory or beginner courses in general classes.
◇ Every Tuesday from 19:00 to 20:00
◇ 3 times a month course: 6,100 yen
* In the case of a parent-child course, 10,200 yen for two people
[Junior high school / high school / university flamenco]
◇ Target: Junior high school to university students
◇ Introductory or beginner course
◇ 3 times a month course 8,200 yen
◇ 4 times a month course 8,700 yen
◇ Twice a month course 7,800 yen
* Please participate in the class of general students.
[Enrollment procedure ]
​ ☆ From those who joined after July 2020.
・ Fill out the membership application form.
・ It is the beginning of a fun flamenco life by paying the tuition fee and monthly management fee.
・ Admission fee 12,000 yen (☆ Free admission fee if you enroll during the experience or tour!)
・ Monthly management fee 6,000 yen for 6 months (1,000 for 1 month)
[Trial lesson]
Group lesson experience 1 time 3,000 yen
Individual lesson experience is 5,000 yen for 40 minutes
・ Online trial lesson 1,000 yen per person
・ Free online lesson tour

[One-shot visitor lesson]
One time 6,000 yen

[Spanish conversation & poetry reading private lessons]
☆ Monthly membership fee is the same as the dance enrollment.
◇ Individual lesson tuition fee
[60 minutes course]
・ Tickets for 3 times a month 15,300 yen
* Please contact us for your preferred date and time.

* Each tuition fee includes consumption tax.
* Please ask for other details.

* Cancellation policy: Admission fees and tuition fees are not refunded except in situations where it is clearly impossible to attend due to a serious accident, illness, or moving to a distant place. In case of refund, we will respond after the month following the request.
​ * About the adjournment: No adjournment fee is required. If the recess period exceeds 12 months, you will be re-enrolled.
​ * The management fee will not be refunded if the session is closed.

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