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[Application for membership / experience / tour]



<< Procedure for enrollment >>
① Please apply for membership or trial lesson using the form below.

② Please come to the studio on the promised date and time.

③ Take a trial lesson (3,000 yen each time). * Free to visit. If you do not experience or visit, go to ④ as it is.

④ Please fill out the prescribed membership application form at the studio and apply with the admission fee and one month's tuition fee.

⑤ Once you have decided on the first day of attendance, a fun flamenco life will begin on that day.

☆ If you enroll on the day of the trial, the trial lesson fee will be cashed back.
* Please ask the instructor for shoes and training clothes.
* The first payment can be made by cash or credit card.

​ ☆ Parking Lot: Times Kaburagi Park 1 hour parking ticket will be provided for each use of the studio. (From the beginning of August 2021)

* Cancellation policy: Admission fees and tuition fees are not refunded except in situations where it is clearly impossible to attend due to a serious accident, illness, or moving to a distant place.

Voice of members
​ ☆ It's fun to dance to music. It's refreshing when the lesson is over.

☆ Application form

Received a message


☆ Enrollment / Experience / Visit / Newsletter application.

☆ Inquiries about appearance requests.

☆ Please contact us for personal classrooms, salon startups, circle startups, etc.

33rd Miwa Building, Hachiman-cho, Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture, 3rd floor

TEL: 058-263-1190

MOBILE: 090-5629-9101

☆ Kakamigahara Course (Gifu Shimbun Culture Academy): 058-383-7833

☆ Ogaki Course (Jeugia Culture Center): 0584-83-7861

Voice of members
☆ Dance once a week to relieve stress. The sake is delicious.
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