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Lesson guide

[Lessons that you can freely choose according to your ability]

We will talk first and decide on a class that suits your ability together.

For example, if an experienced person joins in the middle, they can take the first 30 minutes of free lessons so that they can enter the class smoothly. (Reservation required )

Please feel free to contact us as you are free to visit any class.

In addition, follow-up online lessons (mainly Sevillanas & Tango) can be taken only for members for 1,000 yen each time.


Class information


Introductory class

For beginners

This class is for those who are new to flamenco. You will master tango flamenco (a song that is a two-beat dance that is fun to dance at flamenco parties) and sevillanas (the most popular dance that is danced at spring festivals), with a focus on basic steps and acquiring the correct posture.

* Go to beginner class every 6 months to 1 year.


Beginner class

Experienced person OK

It is a step-up class from the introductory class.

You can learn most of the flamenco songs in this class.

* Experienced people who can dance sevillanas can also start here.


Dance company class

Experienced person OK

It is a step-up class from the beginner class. The choreography is a solo dance. Improves comprehensive technical capabilities such as Zapateado strengthening, mano, brasso, and physical strengthening. Those who have learned all about flamenco dance can start from this course.

​ Also, if there is a request to perform on stage, members of this class will dance at hotels.

Voice of members
​ ☆ It's difficult, so you can feel the sense of accomplishment little by little.

About clothes during the lesson

Flamenco shoes

Exclusive skirt

Dedicated castanets


The dedicated one is ideal because it is easy to get the original feeling, but you can start with the one that you have and it is easy to move.


You can sweat, such as leotards or T-shirts, and anything that is easy to move around.

Don't forget to change your clothes and towels as you sweat.

Flamenco falda (skirts) are preferred, but at first you can wear trousers with easy-to-see legs.


Flamenco shoes are ideal, but you can start with your own low-heeled pumps. There are hands-on shoes in the studio, so we will lend you one at first.

Dedicated castanets

Dedicated castanets

* Castanets are used in intermediate class and above.

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