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Frequently Asked Questions Q & A

Here are some examples of Q & A for frequently asked questions.


​ Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

◇ Frequently Asked Questions [1]

-I'm 40 years old now. Can you start now?

◇ Answer

-I can afford it at all. Currently, the members who come to the studio are women in their 30s and 60s. Some people start at the age of 60 and stand on the stage and dance proudly.


◇ Frequently Asked Questions [2]

-I'm a beginner in both dancing and exercising. Will I be able to dance?

◇ Answer

-Of course . Most of the people who can start in our studio are beginners in both dance and sports. Experienced people rarely come after a long blank, but it's quite rare.

◇ Frequently Asked Questions [3]

-Is it possible to transfer lessons?

◇ Answer

-yes. You can change the day of the week and the time during the month.

◇ Frequently Asked Questions [4]

-I have a hard tap, do you hurt your knees?

◇ Answer

-Basically, there is no movement that puts a load on the knees and hips. We also teach you how to take the correct steps without overdoing it during the lesson. 4


◇ Frequently Asked Questions [5]

-Is there a parking lot?

◇ Answer

-There is a parking ticket service. Please use TIMES Bushiro Park. Students who take 60 minutes or more will receive a parking ticket for 1 hour, and students who take less than 60 minutes will receive a parking ticket for 30 minutes.

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