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Remote personal lesson

[Flamenco dance starting at home]

This online lesson is recommended for those who cannot start due to various reasons such as "I don't have time to go to the studio", "I'm worried about the new coronavirus", "I don't have the confidence to enter the class". This is a flamenco lesson using Zoom. You need a PC, tablet or smartphone to use it. ​ * The lesson is a personal lesson.

[ Flamenco songs and guitars in addition to dance ]

Online lessons are n't just about dancing. You can also take lessons on flamenco guitar and flamenco singing with the ZOOM app.


[Lesson fee]

[Dance introductory lesson ticket]

◇ 3 times a month course: 10,200 yen
◇ Twice a month course: 8,700 yen

_D04a07d8-9cd1-3239-9149-20813d6c673b_ Free 1 lesson gift ♪ If you are a 3 times a month course, you can take the 4th week review lesson for free.

Free admission campaign

[Lesson content]
・ 1 lesson 30 minutes
・ Strengthen the waist, adductor muscles, core muscles, and back muscles to tighten the waist.
・ Muscle training that is effective for improving posture and tightening calves.
・ Arms and wrists ・ Hand exercises: Small face effect and back muscle stretching effect
・ Start with the popular tango flamenco that you dance on a daily basis and learn the festival dance called Sevillanas. Since it is a dance that becomes a whole body exercise, you can expect a diet effect.
* Tango: There are various types of music in flamenco, and tango is one of them. It is different from other genres such as Argentine tango.
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