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Flamenco teacher

"Dance is part of my soul. It's fun, it makes people happy, and it makes me happy. John Travolta."


☆ Collaboration with saxophone ☆ At Chikusa Cultural Small Theater

Toshiyuki Hattori
At the age of 26, he admired the passionate and melancholy music of flamenco guitar, and was fascinated by the beautiful, lustrous and lustrous dance, and happened to meet a male leader and enter the dance path. I decided to open a flamenco studio in response to the requests of many people, because what I started as a hobby for a complete dance beginner was so high that I decided to study abroad in Spain.

Since I started dancing from scratch, I am good at teaching things that beginners are not good at and points that can cause them to stumble!

He started teaching around 2005 and has a reputation for his ability to teach more than 10,000 students and raise five dance instructors.

In 2017, he launched "Gifu Flamenco Dance Company Dansa Flamenka" and performed the first performance on November 11th as a support project of Gifu City Public Hall Management Foundation and Gifu City.
Flamenco studio to study abroad:

[Current lesson status]
・ Gifu Headquarters Studio Culture Academy Aeon Mall Kakamigahara Store ・ Kushiya Culture Center Aqua Walk Ogaki Store

[Message from Toshiyuki Hattori]
22 years of flamenco history. I have been teaching for 12 years.
What I learned from that experience is that "flamenco is full of energy to invigorate women."
Middle-aged and older women, mainly beginners, visit this studio for various purposes such as dance, health, and posture.
Such women enjoy extraordinary life in the studio and discover new learning and themselves.
I'm glad I continued every time I heard a voice of joy.
Flamenco makes me happy and well.
"Deliver energy, energy and smiles to all women through flamenco"
"Providing a place where flamenco lovers can get together and enjoy themselves"
This is my mission and the activity philosophy of the classroom.

[Flamenco history]
・ Studied under Norijo Kira in Kyoto.
・ Learn dance at the Spanish school Amor de Dios. Learn the male dance style from traditional masters El Guit and Cristobal Reyes.
・ Learn women's dance style from female dancers Carmelilla Mont-Ja, Carmela Greco, Esther Falcon and others.
・ Learn the flamenco song singing from Juan Jose Amador, Carmelilla Mont-Ja and others.
・ In addition to his own performances, he has performed with Tsugaru shamisen players, classical musicians, Spanish artists, and Argentine artists.
・ Fluent in Spanish learned while studying abroad.

[Lecturer activity]
◇ 2008 Flamenco classroom Andalus established
◇ 2011 Studio Open
◇ 2016 Shun Flamenco Dance Class Renamed to Dansa Flamenca
◇ Gifu Shimbun Culture Academy Aeon Mall Kakamigahara Class
◇ JEUGIA Aqua Walk Ogaki Class
◇ Elementary school after school attached to Seitoku Gakuen University
◇ Los Farores (Nagoya)
◇ El Trelo (Nagoya)
◇ Valencia (Ichinomiya)
◇ Onsa (Ichinomiya)
◇ Club G (Gifu)
◇ Dance performance Dansa Hitana Media Cosmos (Gifu)
◇ Flamenco Live Rose Museum (Gifu)
◇ World Festa Gifu (Gifu Media Cosmos)
◇ Dance appearance and dance instruction at Scolas Gifu Opera Carmen (Gifu Salamanca Hall)
◇ '13 -'15 Balsavio Student Regular Live Held Monthly (Gifu)
◇ April 2017, co-starred with Spanish saxophone player Jose Carlos Garcia Beharano at the Nissai Saxophone Concert "Saxophone" (Chikusa Cultural Small Theater)
◇ In November 2017, as a Gifu City support project, we hosted a "dance performance with the theme of opera Carmen" and performed it at the Gifu City Cultural Center as a performer as well as directing and choreographing. Co-starred with Argentine singer and percussionist Jorge Mijakeo.
◇ In November 2017, dance flamenco moderno in collaboration with Tsugaru shamisen and classical music at the 5th anniversary pasion concert of the Sato concert.
◇ In April 2018, we will dance on the stage where pianists Mari Kumamoto and Kiyoshi Shomura will appear at the Spanish-Japanese Friendship Memorial Charity Concert sponsored by Soroptimist Gifu.
◇ In December 2018, performed with Mary Sano of Duncan Dance, who lives in San Francisco at a town corner concert sponsored by the Gifu City Arts and Culture Association.

[Usually Toshiyuki Hattori]
On a daily basis, I like to read books and cook at home.
The genre of the book wasn't decided because it was something I was interested in at that time, but recently, the essay by calligrapher Toko Shinoda and the "life of mathematics" by mathematician Kiyoshi Oka were exciting. increase. I'm a fan of Daijiro Morohoshi. Recently, "Jujutsu Kaisen" is interesting.

As a former Italian restaurant chef, I am good at cooking Italian food. The only thing I make at home is spaghetti (laughs), but recently I've been addicted to Indian food and made authentic Indian curry at home, but I said, "Because my home smells like an Indian restaurant," Complaints from family members (sweat)

Recently, I was interested in the Japanese Language Teaching Competence Test and started studying it. I wish I could meet people from various cultures.
As with dance and musical instruments, I have a personality that allows me to communicate with the people around me by learning what I have learned and communicating what I have learned. And that is my way of life.

Toshiyuki Hattori: Lives in Gifu City. I'm from Toyoura Town, Toyoura District, Yamaguchi Prefecture (currently Shimonoseki City). After graduating from Yamaguchi Prefectural Hibiki High School, he studied at Osaka Abeno Tsuji Cookery College, Osaka Construction College, etc., and obtained a cook license and a second-class architect license, respectively. I abandoned the architectural profession due to some difficulty in color blindness.
We will continue to the present while enjoying a sense of accomplishment and frustration.

☆ Blerias ☆ At Ogaki Studio







☆ We accept requests for appearances such as wedding receptions, events, classical performances, flamenco performances, etc. where professional dancers dance ☆

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