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Welcome to Dansa Flamenca !!

The charm of Dansa Flamenca

Our concept is "flamenco lessons that middle-aged and beginners can continue to enjoy."

The lessons at Dansa Flamenca use a curriculum that can be expected to eliminate lack of exercise, beautiful posture and walking, strengthening the trunk, and improving the stoop and O-legs.

An era of 100 years of life.


It can be said that we, in our 50s and 60s, are still younger generations with much more advanced medicine and a fulfilling diet than in the Showa era.

Moreover, there are many people who are thinking about starting a hobby after raising their children and having more time for themselves.

We at Studio Dansa Flamenca are working with people of that generation to liven up flamenco, a passionate dance in Spain, in Gifu.

The experience of dancing in public even on a small stage gives you a special growth.

It can be said that it is the best moment when "adult girls dance happily and become more beautiful".

Of course, each person is free to choose how to continue the lesson.

Many people are gathering at this studio for their own reasons, such as "I'm looking forward to meeting my teachers and friends," "It's best to stand on stage," and "For health and anti-aging."

​ Here's your chance to make the second half of your life even richer!

☆ Small class to prevent new corona infection.

☆ Because the number of people is small, an accurate teaching method that values the individuality of each person.

☆ 30 years of teaching feminine movements is a unique lesson of a gentle male teacher with a dance career.

​ ☆ There are points of flamenco dance that you can learn only here to bring out your charm ♪

Studio Dansa Flamenco, located in Hachiman-cho, Gifu City, provides lesson content and information that will make you attractive as a woman through flamenco.

"There is a shortcut to happiness. Dance is one of the shortcuts. Vicki Baum."


This is a guide page for those who are learning flamenco for the first time. It also explains recommended lessons and necessary training clothes and shoes.

This is a guide page for those who are currently learning or have learned flamenco. It also explains skipping grades.

Voice of members
☆ Reset social stress once a week. A charm that you can enjoy both physically and mentally.

[Promise from Dansa Flamenca Part 1]

Welcome to dance beginners ♬ I'm not good at exercising .... I'm not confident in the sense of rhythm .... but I want to try it. I recommend you.

Shun, a veteran teacher with a wealth of lesson experience, will give you accurate guidance so that you can dance. The lesson begins with "trying to move your body according to the rhythm!" As you become accustomed to the rhythm and music, starting with a simple step dance, you will improve your body's detailed usage and fascination. Students who dance gorgeously on stage and live also started from here, and in fact, many people are not good at exercising.

[ Promise from Dansa Flamenca Part 2]

You can rest assured that you have the full-fledged leadership skills that suit the Japanese, learned from the top dancers in Spain.

Effective improvement and level up are possible by accurately performing basic practice from the beginner class.

The abundant menu tailored to each level is suitable for a wide range of requests, from beginners to step-ups, those who want to be able to dance on stage, those who want to acquire advanced techniques in Spain, and those who want to make a professional debut. I can respond.

Currently, it is divided into beginner, beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes, and no matter what class you take, you will find new discoveries, stimuli, and growth, and you will not become a rut. In addition, individual lessons are available to meet individual needs.

[Promise from Dansa Flamenca Part 4]

Stand on the stage of a performance dance show.

Dansa Flamenca holds regular concerts and live events to test the results of the lessons.

There are various types of concerts, from street corner concerts sponsored by the Gifu City Arts and Culture Association, which are members of Dansa Flamenca, to full-scale concerts with professional performers, including foreign artists, in halls such as Media Cosmos and Cultural Centers.

We will create a stage where your dance performance will shine.

What you can do here
☆ Feminine, supple and beautiful finger movements.
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