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Access to the studio

○ Address: 33rd Miwa Building, Hachiman-cho, Gifu City, 3rd floor
・ It is located in the center of Gifu city.
・ Most of the members come from Gifu City, Kakamigahara, Motosu, Yamaken, Ogaki, Hashima, Ginan, Mizuho, Ampachi-gun, and Ichinomiya.

○ Parking Lot: Times Kaburagi Park (Takashimaya Parking Lot) is convenient.
・ Parking ticket 1 hour service (30 minutes service if less than 60 minutes).

・ Exit the parking lot and proceed to the left (follow one way) toward the Kogane Shrine Torii.
・ There is a jewelry shop Keiuno on the first T-junction, so turn left and you will see the building entrance next to Keiuno on the 1st floor.
・ Please go up to the 3rd floor as it is.

○ 9 minutes walk from Meitetsu Gifu Station
・ Head to the Juroku Bank head office at the scrambled intersection in front of the station.
・ Head north on the main street with Juroku Bank on your left.
・ Cross the intersection where Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation is located toward Seven-Eleven.
・ Continue north on the main street and you will see Entokuji Temple on your left.
・ Turn left at Entokuji Temple.
・ If you go straight, there is an entrance in the building facing Kogane Park.
Please go up to the 3rd floor as it is.

○ 12 minutes walk from JR Gifu Station
・ Exit Nagaraguchi (north side) and find FamilyMart at the end of the deck on the right side of the statue of Nobunaga Kim.
・ Head to FamilyMart.
・ There is a staircase to the ground on the left side of FamilyMart, so go down as it is.
・ After going down the stairs, turn right and walk straight.
・ Cross the traffic light with the English conversation school Nobomu Terakoya on your left toward the Gifu City Cultural Center.
・ In about 30 seconds, you will find the jewelry shop Keiuno on your right.
・ Turn right at the corner of Keiuno and you will find the entrance.
・ Please go up to the 3rd floor as it is.
* It is a building with a studio seen from Kogane Park. The first floor is Jewelery Keiuno. Taken around 18:45.
○ Surrounding landmarks
・ Limited to Premium Friday, about 1 minute from Kogane Shrine, which is famous for its golden stamp, and Gifu City Cultural Center.
・ The 1st floor of the tenant building is the jewelry shop "Keiuno", and the 2nd floor is the music cafe "alffo".
・ Facing Kogane Park, Japanese food "Kozo" and "Kozo Hanare" are in the neighborhood.
・ In the same town, there is a famous shaved ice shop "Akawani" and a beauty salon "Red Heads".
・ About 5 minutes on foot from Yanagase.
〇Flamenco classroom The entrance to the building where the Dansa flamenco studio is located
・ The stairs leading up to the studio are diagonally opposite the small restaurant "Sakehan Kosei".
・ The entrance stairs of the music cafe "alffo" can only go up to the 2nd floor, so if you go around along Keiuno, you will find the entrance to the studio.
* The signboard called Flamenco Dance is a landmark. Please go up to the 3rd floor from here.
Voice of members
​ ☆ It is useful when you stand in front of people.
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