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[Dansa Flamenca News]

Information on performances and recitals, event appearance information, and party information are posted.

☆ December 2019 Grand Hotel Aikawa Group Founding Party
☆ September 2019 Friendship Festival (sponsored by Ichinomiya City International Association, Ichinomiya City)
☆ May 26, 2019 Flamenco dance performance ☆

[Flamenco dance performance-Flamenco loved by Lorca-] End

It is a regular dance performance once a year and a half.

A homage to the Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca.

Partial introduction of the program

・ Spring Festival Sevillanas

・ Mariana

・ Tango de Malaga

・ Guajira of cute pilgrims

・ Solaire

Flamenco dance Toshiyuki Hattori Gifu flamenco dansa flamenco research student

Flamenco guitar Ryo Ogawa

Song Cante Flamenco Jorge Mijakeo

I want children to come into contact with authentic things.

Children under elementary school age can enter for free if they self-report at the reception.

Venue: Gifu City Cultural Center

Start 13:00 Open 13:30

Admission fee 2,000 yen (all seats are free)

☆ Free for children under elementary school age

☆ December 2018 Gifu City Arts and Culture Association ☆ Street Corner Concert
☆ February 2018 Seitoku Gakuen University
Attached Elementary School Flamenco Kids ☆
☆ November 2017 Carmen performance ☆
☆ April 2017 Saxole ☆ Japan-West Cultural Exchange Project
Saxophone Cast: Jose Carlos Garcia Bejarano, Masayo Kunieda, Mitsuki Isogai, Mariko Takeshita
Piano appearance: Mariko Ito
Flamenco dance Cast: Toshiyuki Hattori
Chikusa Cultural Small Theater
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