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[Psychological effects of flamenco]

"Flamenco is good for dieting"

Not to mention such physical effects.

Then, can we expect a good psychological effect?

The answer is yes! is.

It's "self-affirmation"

Some people use the horizontal character called self-estimard.

What happens if there is no "self-affirmation"? .. .. ..

・ Anxiety

・ I'm not confident

・ Become passive

・ Loss of action

・ I feel like a person who doesn't need me

・ In the worst case, you may get depressed.

Dance in public.

This is also called stage courage, but it is not just the stage.

You will be able to behave dignifiedly in public presentations, lectures, and presentations.

In other words, you will be confident in yourself .

This is very important for enriching daily life and relationships.

If you feel "I may be reluctant", why not start flamenco dancing?

Your life will change.

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