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Flamenco trivia ◇ Hayashi / Kakegoe

[Cry to liven up the stage]

There are also words such as sunny man and sunny woman ....

The shouts and musical accompaniment on the flamenco stage are called "Haleo".

Here, I would like to introduce the recommended Haleo that I would like you to use.

☆ Ole

Café au lait, not me, of course, not me, ole. amazing! Great! cool! I scream with all my heart.

Those who are told will perform with a happy face. Of course, I use it for soccer, bullfighting, opera, etc.

☆ Guapa

It's not the Italian brandy "Grappa". I wonder if there are many people who don't know such sake.

Good woman! Beautiful woman! Beautiful woman! That's what it means. If such a word pops out from the audience seats, the female dancer is crazy. You will dance with a big smile. In non-flamenco situations, casually telling the waitress at the bar or cafe can often improve the service.

☆ Guapo

a good man! splendid! cool! The best compliment to tell a man.

It is subtle for male customers to tell waiters at bars and cafes other than flamenco.

☆ Viva la gracia

The most attractive !! Shouts at a female dancer.

Viva is also hurray. Screaming Viva Japon means "hurray Japan".

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