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Flamenco trivia ◇ Flamenco guitar

[Flamenco guitar]

Many people associate flamenco with the "guitar."

You may feel the impact of that characteristic strumming method = Rasgueado.

From modern to modern flamenco guitar, Ramon Montoja adopted the technique of classical guitar, and Sabicas and Niño Ricardo developed it, and Paco de Lucía presented one goal.

I also started flamenco by listening to the Paco de Lucía CD.

Many people who started flamenco guitar will be attracted to the accompaniment.

Not surprisingly, flamenco guitar was born as an accompaniment instrument for singing and dancing, and later developed into the genre of solo.

So to speak, "accompaniment" is the basis and the basis of flamenco guitar.

However, the flamenco accompaniment is not that the dancer dances to the music, but that the guitar plays to the dancer.

Therefore, in most cases, the accompaniment will not be established even if you play the score you remembered correctly.

It may be difficult to understand from the usual concept, but since flamenco does not have a score by nature, the score that is generally available is useful for guitarists but has no meaning for dancers and singers.

Akira Seta has published the text, rather than the score for accompaniment, so I think it would be good to refer to it.

Still, it can be confusing without an understanding of the musical characteristics of flamenco.

If you want to accompaniment, you can also study at our sister schoolflamenco guitar class Silyab .

☆ Photographed with Paco de Lucía, the god of flamenco guitar

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