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Flamenco trivia ◇ Spring festival dance

[Spring Festival Dance]

Spanish spring tradition

"Spring Festival"

It is especially popular in the Andalusia region in the south.

After all, this was originally a horse show.

In the Gifu area, it's an agricultural festival.

Even Spanish people want to have fun.

The dance that everyone enjoys dancing is a dance that is loved because it is easy to dance in flamenco.

In Gifu prefecture, Bon Odori gathers in yukata ..... No, it should be Gujo Odori.

Now there is a convenient one called Youtube. Please take a look first.

It is a flamenco dance "Sevillanas" that dances at the Spanish spring festival Feria.

This song dances in pairs of women or men and women.

It seems that there are no men. A Spanish friend also declared, "I don't want to see it, I don't want to dance, I can't." (Laughs)

Some Japanese experts say that this spring festival Sevillanas is not flamenco.

To be honest, I don't want you to say that it leads to such a misunderstanding.

It is said to be "one of the flamenco dances" in Spain, and it is a wonderful flamenco song!

Well, let's just say that the existence of an expert is a personality that makes you want to say something.

☆ Spring festival video to enjoy Sevillanas

Spanish spring tradition ☆ Spring festival in Seville

"Feria de abril  de Sevilla" It is called Feria de abril de Sevilla.


Since the Holy Week and Easter, which are held a while ago, are held in the lunar calendar, the dates are changed every year. It is a gorgeous festival that is held in April.

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