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Flamenco trivia ◇ Hayashi / Kakegoe

[Flamenco where men dance]

Just the other day's story.

Suddenly, a man visits the studio asking, "Can I see flamenco?" Since it was another lesson content, I was disappointed that I couldn't take enough time to explain it enough.

That person muttered, "Woman's dance," so I hurriedly denied (sweat).

Certainly, it seems that the stereotypical image of "woman's dance" is spreading.

When talking about flamenco dance, the proportion of women is certainly high (especially in Japan!),


Actually, it is a dance that both men and women dance.

This does not mean pair dance, but flamenco is basically a dance that expresses individual thoughts, so men and women do not dance together like ballroom dance.

There is no big difference in choreography between men and women, but the basic principle is "a man dances like a man".

Probably the most masculine image in Spain is bullfighting. The behavior of a male flamenco dancer is similar to that of a bullfighter.

After all, the national character is that "there is no man who can't adore a bullfighter."

Among the women in gorgeous dresses, the black male dancer has a strong presence.

My friend said, "I don't like dancing with a man on stage. The man is definitely more noticeable. It's really annoying."

In fact, even at the recital in my studio, the female member's husband seemed to feel that "The teacher's movements are different. It's a cool dance with a man dancing."

However, recently, the expression method is becoming more widespread for each person.

With the widespread acceptance of gender equality worldwide and a deeper understanding of transgender, flamenco is also affected.

For example, men are now dancing with fans, shawls, and skirts, which were originally women's props.

But I think that's fine.

Because flamenco expresses individual thoughts.

Would you like to express yourself in flamenco too?

Even if you don't realize it now, you will surely find "yourself and what you want to express" by dancing flamenco!

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