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[Flamenco song]

Flamenco songs are called "singing".

It is supposed to sing the deep part of the heart.

The expressions range from those that really sing sadness and suffering to those that sing joy.

It is roughly classified into three types.

There are many "non-dancing songs" in flamenco songs, but here we will only list dancing songs.

First is Chico (a small song).

Expressions of joy and enjoyment include Sevillanas, Alegrías, Tangojo, Tango, Bulerías, Rumba and Fandango de Huelva.

Intermedio (medium song) that expresses emotional mood may be soleá porbrerias or bambera.

Grande (big song) that expresses deep sorrow and pain in the heart includes Solaire, Siguiriya, Martinete, and Tientos. These are sometimes called Hondo (deep songs).

This classification is not absolute, and even if it is classified as Chico, there are many cases where it is tempting to classify it as Grande depending on the ability of the singer.

Also, when you start flamenco dance, you will first dance light songs such as Chico, and as your technology grows, you will step up to Intermedio and Grande. However, as a dance, even Chico's songs can be enjoyed enough.

Flamenco dance is closely related to songs, so if you are interested in it, learning songs can be a very effective way to improve the expressiveness of dance.

If you are interested in singing, please visit this singing homepage.

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