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Flamenco trivia ◇ Diet effect

[Flamenco diet effect]

What do you think of when you hear flamenco?
Spanish passionate dance. And it's kind of sexy, isn't it?

Compared to classical ballet and hula dance, which are major dances in Japan, there are few opportunities to touch them.

Although it is such flamenco, it is actually becoming popular in Japan as a lesson for women who improve their diet effect and style!

The effect is especially remarkable for basic training, and it is very effective because it uses muscles that you do not normally use just to do the basics.

《The charm of flamenco is the slimming effect of the whole body》
Flamenco is a dance that is conscious of the whole body from the upper and lower body, the top of the head to the tips of the fingers.

In other words, it has a slimming effect on the whole body.

And if you level up, the content of the dance will become harder.

It's almost the same as running, about 200 to 300 calories per hour.

But it's more fun to dance to music with your friends than to run silently alone, isn't it?

《Effect on the back》
Flamenco is required to have a beautiful posture.

Therefore, your back muscles will be naturally trained during the lesson, and you will be able to maintain a beautiful posture in your daily life.

However, back muscles are very important not only for maintaining good posture, but also for twisting the waist and supporting and controlling the arms.

In addition, when your back is stretched and you are in a beautiful posture, your stomach will improve and you will have a small face effect.
In addition, just by training your back muscles and stretching your back muscles, you can expect an increase in metabolism with the effect of deepening your shallow breathing by using your smartphone or PC too much.

《Graceful constriction line with waist tightening effect》

Flamenco is a dance that stretches the back muscles, but to stretch the back muscles, the adductor muscles that extend from the base of the inner thigh to near the knees are used. If you use this adductor muscle, you will naturally tighten and draw the core muscle. Especially for drawings that pull your stomach, you can stretch your back and push up with your ribs to stretch your stomach and tighten your waist.

Flamenco also often twists the waist in dance choreography, which moves the pelvis while lightly tightening the hip muscles, which has the effect of tightening the waist and hip lines and improving style.

At first, it may be difficult to get a feel for drawing that makes you hungry, but once you get the hang of it, you will be able to maintain a beautiful posture and waistline in your daily life.


It is important to be aware of such postures and movements that are effective for health and beauty, as it leads to improvement of dance.


《Tightening effect on the arm》
Flamenco is impressive with its complicated steps, but in reality, there are small movements in the arms, wrists, fingertips, and upper arms, and these movements create a feminine luster.

In particular, by using the wrists and arms with a strong awareness of the middle finger to the little finger, the fascia on the little finger side that connects to the shoulder blades and back has the effect of making the posture beautiful and small. Of course, you can also tighten your upper arm. Besides, it seems to be good for promoting blood circulation because the wrist is used unthinkably in daily life. It also has the effect of improving shoulder stiffness by moving the arm a lot.

《Actually easy to start dance ☆ Any age or body shape! 》

If you are lacking in exercise, you can expect a dieting effect just by consciously following your basic posture.

I can't start with my current body shape.
It's a little bit to wear costumes in the current style.

But think about it. It has the effect of changing you, but if you care about it now, you can't do anything, not just flamenco.

In fact, flamenco can be started without worrying about age or body shape.

Flamenco practice wear is a dress with a long flared skirt, a T-shirt, and a long skirt with a wide range of costumes.

One of the attractions is that it is a dance that you can dance even if your body is stiff.

Did you think the hurdles were lower than you thought?

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