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Flamenco dance video

☆ Introduces the choreography and basic movements taught in actual lessons.
・ It is also possible to learn basic movements with videos.
・ It will be easier for first-timers to participate.
・ There is no difference between men and women in flamenco dance choreography. It's okay if you can imitate it as it is.
[Flamenco basic operation mano]
・ "Mano" is a movement of wrists and fingers that is characteristic of flamenco. Women move smoothly and flexibly. There is no particular difference between men and women.
・ This practice, which is strongly conscious of the little finger, is effective for beautiful posture and small face.
[Flamenco basic operation Braseo]
・ "Braseo" refers to the control of the entire arm. By firmly using the little finger to the elbow, and the shoulder blade to the back muscle and the parts that are not conscious in daily life, there are effects such as "prevention of stoop", "beautiful posture", "tightening of upper arm" and "small face".
・ In the actual lesson, you will stand up, but it is effective even if you sit down. It's a little difficult because it's combined with the movement of "Mano", but please challenge.
[Introduction to Tango Flamenco ☆ Practice with guitar accompaniment]
[Introductory song Tango flamenco (front)]
[Introductory song Tango flamenco (behind)]
[Introductory song Tango flamenco (choreography for women)]

☆ Choreography for women using skirts.

☆ I would like you to comment that it is easy to understand whether it looks like a onnagata or if it is interesting. Therefore, I sometimes teach with a skirt.

* Normally, men do not wear skirts.

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